PREDATOR vapo 100 ml

Universal spray repellent for use in all geographical areas against all species of mosquitoes, including tropical and ticks. Thanks to the higher content of the two currently most effective substances, it is suitable for a longer stay in nature, or increased physical activity on the skin and clothing, even for children from the age of two. It is also suitable for small pets (dogs, cats). Maximum daily dose applied directly to the skin: Children: 2-12 years 5.4g that is 18 sprays once a day, or 9 sprays twice a day, do not apply to the palms and fingers, to prevent possible transmission to the eyes, apply to the face in your palms and spread so as not to hit the eyes! The application is performed by an informed person or an adult according to the instructions. Children from 12 years and an adult 6.4 g twice a day. One spray represents a dose of 0.3g. Efficiency tested in the laboratory and in the field in floodplain forests of the SZÚ Prague. Dermatologically tested by SZÚ Prague. Efficiency time at least 2-4 hours. Active substance content 21%: DEET 16%, Icaridin 5%, (210 g / kg). Notice: Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.